Tigard’s Community Development Director initiated two studies of the proposed commercial area location. This comes in response to questions by citizens, staff and City Council members regarding the viability and location of the commercial area as proposed initially proposed.

  • One study updated the market analysis completed as part of the original West Bull Mountain Concept Plan. The city hired the same consultant to update the analysis based on recent development in Progress Ridge and the City of Beaverton’s future plans for the area just north of River Terrace.
  • The second study was a conceptual exercise created to investigate the retail development potential of the commercial area. This study was conducted by design consultants and commercial realty advisors with experience developing these types of commercial areas.

The studies concluded that the commercial area is still viable but that without some minor modifications it may take a very long time for it to develop to the level envisioned in the Concept Plan. The suggested modifications included extending the commercial zone out to Roy Rodgers Road.