Tree Grove Protection Program Map

Tree Grove Protection Program Map

The Urban Forestry Master Plan brought to light that while residents prioritize tree grove preservation, the city’s large groves are disappearing. In eleven years, from 1996 to 2007, there was a 24 percent decline in large tree groves in Tigard.

The River Terrace area was inventoried in early 2013, and nine groves covering 61 acres in River Terrace will be added to the city’s program. During the development process, these properties may choose to use incentives and flexible standards including:

  • Transfer of residential density from the tree grove to the non-tree grove portion of a site,
  • Reduction in minimum residential density, and
  • Increased building height for commercial and industrial development.

There is no penalty for not taking advantage of the program. The development would simply need to comply with the city’s adopted urban forestry regulations.

View the city’s interactive natural resources map for details.