The River Terrace Community Plan (RTCP) consultant project team is composed of four firms with the following specializations:

  • Otak (Parks, Stormwater, and Project Management)
  • Murray, Smith, and Associates, Inc. (Water and Sewer)
  • DKS Associates (Transportation)
  • FCS Group (Finance)

The RTCP project team is currently conducting a preliminary assessment of each of the systems that will be built in and around River Terrace. These assessments consist of comparing the assumptions and methodologies in the West Bull Mountain Concept Plan against the policies and standards contained in Tigard’s master plans and other relevant studies, if any.

Once the preliminary assessments are complete, the RTCP project team will prepare a draft master plan addendum for each system. Collectively, these addenda will become the Public Facilities Plan for River Terrace. Individually, they will serve to update the city’s various master plans, which guide all of the city’s long-term infrastructure priorities and investments. In this way, River Terrace infrastructure improvements will be both physically and politically integrated into the city’s existing systems for water, sewer, stormwater, transportation, and parks.