On Tuesday, October 29,  Susan Shanks and Marissa Grass attended a neighborhood Meeting in the vicinity of Hoops Ct. and Roshak Rd. Below are notes from the meeting, along with associated follow up.


There are current traffic concerns in your neighborhood. Specifically, I noted traffic and speeding on Roshak Rd., and concerns about pedestrian safety at the traffic circle on Barrows Rd.

These facilities are not maintained by the City of Tigard. I did make a few calls and can offer you the following contact information:  

I did speak with both contacts, so they are expecting to hear from you.

There are concerns about the designation of Roshak Rd. as a collector street. 

  • Washington County is currently updating their Transportation System Plan (TSP). Here is a link, including the opportunity for public comment, to the TSP update page: County TSP Update. Here is a link to the current plan: Washington County TSP.

There are concerns about the traffic impacts of future development in River Terrace. This includes:

  • Proposed connections, and especially Luke Lane.
  • The impacts of increased traffic on safety and neighborhood livability.  
  • Overall equity with regard to the proposed plan.

First of all, I just wanted to say that we hear you. Project Manager Susan Shanks wrote to Dina, John, and Tina that she will endeavor to:

  • Understand the rationale for the proposed road configuration/classification from the County (both for Roshak and the streets internal to River Terrace);
  •  Learn about the other options that were considered, if any; and
  • Explore the possibility of bringing existing options back to the table for consideration or developing new ones with the County and our consultant team.

The city is just now diving into the transportation analysis portion of this project. By the first of the year we expect to have updated modeling and results. This information about the proposed system will be posted online and considered during the January meeting of the Stakeholder Working Group. Community feedback will be considered as part of this discussion.

There are concerns about being heard in the Community Plan Process.

Tigard is committed to a significant public involvement effort for this project. Opportunities include:

  • Email updates – sign up for the city’s River Terrace Listserv
  • Stakeholder Working Group Meetings – Generally the 3rd Wednesday of the month, time is reserved on each agenda for public comment(this information is posted at www.tigard-or.gov/riverterrace)
  • Community Meetings- There are three more scheduled in the process. We’ve just confirmed the details of the December meeting:

River Terrace Community Meeting:  Tuesday, December 10, 2013 | 5:30 p.m. |Tigard Public Library

  • New interactive website (Expected in November)
  • Adoption Hearings

I can be reached at marissa@tigard-or.gov or 503-718-2428 if you have more questions about the process or how to get involved. John Withers serves as your neighborhood representative to the Stakeholder Working Group. I expect that he is open to being contacted as well.

In addition, Tigard City Council reserves time at the beginning of each meeting for citizen comment. The city’s Council page has more information about communicating with Council members


Lastly, we have an interactive online version of the map that was handed out at the meeting. You can access it here: Transportation Storytelling App.

Thank you,

Marissa Grass