The Tigard Water District and the Cities of Durham and King City have contracts, or Intergovernmental Agreements, with the City of Tigard to deliver water. Appointed representatives from Tigard, Durham, King City, and the Tigard Water District form an Intergovernmental Water Board (IWB) that meets monthly to provide recommendations to the City of Tigard regarding water needs in the area.

At the last two Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) meetings, committee members have asked about the relationship between the City and the Tigard Water District.

Councilor Woodard suggested   SWG members view the most recent Tigard City Council meeting, during which these intergovernmental agreements were discussed. In this video, the Chair of the Tigard Water District, Ken Henschel, expresses his satisfaction with the Intergovernmental Agreement. As Henschel notes, this agreement came to fruition four years ago, and was direly needed at the time. The Tigard Water District hopes to continue a formal agreement with the City of Tigard beyond the date when the current contract ends, in 2018.

To learn more about this agreement and the structure of the Tigard Water District, view the video from the Tigard City Council Workshop Meeting, on November 18, 2013.