An Update Memo to the Stormwater Master Plan has been released. Both this document and the Draft River Terrace Stormwater Master Plan can be viewed below.

The Memo provides an overview of expected changes to the Draft Stormwater Master Plan, which was previously released on December 2, 2013. These changes are expected to be incorporated into the Final Stormwater Master Plan, which the project team anticipates completing in March 2014. The reason for these changes has to do with impending changes to the Clean Water Services Design and Construction Standards, which all development in River Terrace will be required to meet.

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The purpose of the Draft Stormwater Master Plan is to:

  • Describe the stormwater management strategy for River Terrace.
  • Show how the strategy is to be applied during development of River Terrace.
  • Provide a cost estimate for the public stormwater management infrastructure.
  • Provide recommendations for implementation.
  • Provide recommendations for maintenance.
  • Document supporting calculations.
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