The River Terrace project team, which is composed of city staff and consultants, met with staff from Washington County, City of Beaverton, Oregon Department of Transportation, and Clean Water Services on December 4 for a day-long marathon meeting. The focus of this meeting was to begin to identify a realistic set of projects for each infrastructure system (i.e. water, sewer, stormwater, transportation, and parks). A project can be anything from a new sewer trunk line to the purchase of property for a new community park. The kinds of questions we grappled with are as follows:

  • Where is development likely to occur in the first five years?
  • What projects should the city consider building now to facilitate development?
  • What do we think the city and developers can realistically afford to build now?
  • What are other service providers planning to build in this area and when?
  • What additional analysis or coordination is needed to refine the near-term project list?

The project team will bring its findings from this work to the Stakeholder Working Group and Technical Advisory Committee early next year.

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