Of all the public improvements to be constructed in River Terrace, one can be counted on to give the new area a clear and compelling identity.  That’s the new north-south collector that will run more or less parallel to and just east of Roy Rogers.  We still have much to learn about this new road (including what its final functional classification will be, which matters because different kinds of roads have different design standards), and how its various intersections will be controlled.  But we also need to figure out how this road will look and feel, frankly, because it is going to be a prominent feature in the landscape, and, like all roads, one that will be experienced – for better or worse – by hundreds of thousands of people moving in and out and through River Terrace.  The fact that the River Terrace Trail (aka the 300 Foot Trail) runs alongside this road makes its design all the more important.  For all these reasons, Susan and I will soon be convening a team to work out a conceptual design for the road.  Although this wasn’t part of the original scope of work for the RT Project, we think doing this now will add a lot of important information for Tigard decision-makers and community members as we move toward adoption and implementation.  More on this later….watch this space! (And as always, please reply to this post with thoughts, concerns or ideas.  Thanks!)