Yesterday’s subcommittee meeting once again zeroed in on the draft River Terrace Stormwater Management Plan.  On the positive side, we seem to be making progress in how and where the Low Impact Development Approaches will be applied.  Otak will be  making some map/graphic changes that should clarify what’s anticipated, especially in the south  part of River Terrace.   The “regional” approach, however, whereby larger detention and water quality facilities are carefully sited to treat larger (multi-property) areas, continues to raise more questions than answers.  The merits of the regional approach are understood and even accepted.  These larger facilities require less maintenance over time while limiting the number of discharge points to erosion-sensitive waterways, and can be aesthetic features in the landscape.  It’s the implementation and logistics that are befuddling the committee at the moment.  Some of these challenges were covered in my last  Implementation Subcommittee post.   In a nutshell, regional stormwater facilities consume considerable space, are expensive to build, complicated to finance, and potentially unreachable from non-adjacent development sites.  They are also new, and therefore lacking a long list of “best practices” to draw from. Discussions like these, which will now shift back to the Stormwater team, are exactly why the Implementation Subcommittee was formed.