If you’ve read my last few blog posts, you’ll know that Susan and her team having been working diligently with staff, stakeholders and consultants to figure out the optimal stormwater management plan for River Terrace.  I won’t get into all the details here – Susan will be posting the updated plan when we have it, and we’ll focus on stormwater infrastructure again in March (after we get through an initial discussion about transportation).  But it’s worthwhile to share what’s turning into a “happy medium” plan, in which the city encourages larger, consolidated (“regional”) facilities where feasible, along with a path forward where consolidating stormwater facilities is impractical or even impossible (read: no funding).  This middle ground approach acknowledges that consolidated facilities have lower life cycle costs and higher aesthetic value than stand-alone detention ponds, but also recognizes that they are very expensive to build, lacking a funding source, and challenging to site such that development isn’t stalled or stopped altogether.  We’re working out the details of this approach, but the basic idea is to set the bar high for stormwater detention and treatment in River Terrace, and to get proper stormwater management here even when consolidation is unrealistic.  As always, please check this site for updates, and let us know if you have questions or concerns.