A  Park System Master Plan Addendum was originally posted in December. This document has been updated and posted here. The majority of revisions are minor in nature and include formatting and text changes to improve clarity and readability.  The meaningful revisions are summarized below.

Key park and trail changes:

  • In lieu of showing specific neighborhood park locations, the project team proposes to ensure even distribution of neighborhood parks in River Terrace by requiring at least one neighborhood park in each ½-mile neighborhood area. This approach was utilized by the WBMCP project team as a preliminary step in their park location process.
  • After further study, the project team is now proposing to remove the Roy Rogers greenway and trail. This proposal is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: Washington County’s position to exclude the greenway and trail from the public right-of-way, a preliminary cost-benefit analysis of the Roy Rogers greenway and trail, changes to stormwater facilities along Roy Rogers Rd, and a review of linear park and trail needs in River Terrace.
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