The Tigard Times published an article that speaks to the challenges and importance of stormwater planning in River Terrace. The article detailed the erosion problems that resulted from development in the 1990’s on the east side of Bull Mountain.

Standards for dealing with stormwater in the 1990’s were not as advanced as they are today. As noted by Mayor Cook “Science and infrastructure planning have come a long way towards recognizing the importance of the environmental impacts of development and stormwater runoff. Twenty-plus years ago, conservation and the environmental after-effects of building were underestimated and given what we have all learned over that time, those impacts are given a much higher priority today.”

The City of Tigard is working with Clean Water Services and regional partners to apply the best available science and practices for managing stormwater runoff in River Terrace. “We know that River Terrace development will reflect a much different approach to stormwater than what we followed in the 1990’s.  The Council is aware (as are city planners) that much more stringent stormwater regulations are in place that will go a long way towards limiting erosion on the west side of Bull Mountain. I trust city staff to consider the existing regulations and any pending regulations we are hearing about from the EPA in developing this plan.” Mayor Cook assured.

The Stormwater Master Plan is still in development for River Terrace. The story of previous development serves as a reminder of the challenges of managing stormwater on Bull Mountain, and the dire consequences of not getting it right.