At a community meeting on Monday night, Tigard planners presented an updated transportation proposal for River Terrace. Tconsiderit_map01he proposal includes a complete network for streets and trails, connections to existing neighborhoods, and traffic signals on Roy Rogers and Scholls Ferry Rd.  See image at right for details.

Tigard staff asked folks to get involved using, a new online tool. This software allows stakeholders to weigh in on the question:

“Should the proposed River Terrace Transportation System be forwarded to City Council for adoption?”

So far, the answer appears to be yes.

Top pros of the proposal listed by community members, the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Stakeholder Working Group include:

  • “The new collector will limit additional traffic burden on Roshak road, which is already congested.”
  • “A new traffic light will give River Terrace direct access to Scholls Ferry Rd.”

Top cons are:

  • “The new collector crosses significant wetlands in the Roshak area.”
  • “Several of the (proposed)  roundabouts may not be feasible and should be reevaluated.”

City staff invites you to weigh in at All information collected will be provided to the Stakeholder Working Group on April 16, as they make their decision on whether or not to recommend the proposal to Tigard City Council.

Tigard planners are “working hard for a great outcome,” said Stakeholder Working Group member Steve Jacobson. We hope that you will log in and share your thoughts.