Boulevard ConceptThe most important street in River Terrace?  That’s easy: it’s what we used to call the north-south collector, which runs most of the length of River Terrace, just to the east of Roy Rogers.  Here’s introducing that same street, newly conceived: River Terrace Boulevard.  This street has the ability, if it’s well designed, to unify and identify River Terrace as a community of great neighborhoods.  And, given that the street must find a way to incorporate the River Terrace Trail for much of its length, we really do need a smart and beautiful design that works for people on foot, on bikes, and also, of course, in cars.

The River Terrace Boulevard concept is really just a conversation starter for now – it’s the outcome of a short work effort between city staff and Greenworks – a local landscape architecture firm with extensive experience in designing complete streets (a term of art for streets that elegantly move people in multiple modes, handle stormwater, and create memorable and enjoyable spaces for people and other creatures).   Given the location of this street – remember that it winds through River Terrace over hills, along natural areas, through the commercial area and beside all kinds of housing – its importance to the success of River Terrace becomes quickly apparent.

Check out the Boulevard Concept.   Feel free to reply with your thoughts about what you’re seeing here.  We have plenty more decisions to make about what kind of street ultimately gets built; it’s not too early to weigh in.