An Oregon Court of Appeals ruling, which evaluated the process by which certain areas were given urban and rural reserve designations, has been in the news lately. Urban and rural reserves identify which lands are suitable for future development (these lands are eventually brought into the Urban Growth Boundary), and which lands should be protected from development and continue as farm land, forest land, or natural resource areas. Urban reserves are considered developable over the next 50 years, and, likewise, rural reserves are protected from development for that amount of time. The decisions made about some of the 2010/11 designations were challenged and the Court ruled that the process was faulty. In what was known as the Grand Bargain (House Bill 4078) lines were verified or redrawn.

Not surprisingly, we have been getting a lot of questions about what all of this means for River Terrace. The answer: not a whole lot.

As this map shows,

  • Most of the River Terrace planning area was brought into the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) before 2010. Therefore, the urban designation for most of River Terrace was not under dispute.
  • One small area in the southeast corner of River Terrace was brought into the UGB in 2011. The urban designation for this area was confirmed by House Bill 4078.
  • The Urban Reserve Areas to the south and west of River Terrace were also confirmed by House Bill 4078, which means that these areas are considered suitable for urban development within the next 50 years.

So, for River Terrace, nothing has changed and it is business and usual!

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