Join project staff and consultants on Wednesday, April 30 to dive into the details about River Terrace Boulevard.

This concept was presented in mid-April as a conversation starter– it’s the outcome of a short work effort between city staff and Greenworks – a local landscape architecture firm. Given the location of this street – remember that it winds through River Terrace over hills, along natural areas, through the commercial area and beside all kinds of housing – its importance to the success of River Terrace becomes quickly apparent.

The Boulevard will be a major investment for the city, and will greatly influence traffic flow as well as the look and feel of the many new neighborhoods through which it will pass. A regional trail will also be incorporated into the design, adding to the excitement and complexity of Boulevard design.

This meeting will be much more interactive and informal than past meetings. We won’t be sending out a packet in advance, but we will be bringing lots of visual material to help jumpstart the discussion. In addition, many experts will be on hand to help you evaluate the various design options and the ways in which they could be modified to achieve different goals. Feel free to bring your own design suggestions for the group’s consideration, e.g. sketches, photos, images from the internet, etc. We look forward to hearing your ideas and finding ways to move this exciting concept forward.

We hope to see you there!

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