UPDATE: The answers are coming in >>

The question of whether to install a new traffic signal on Scholls Ferry Rd. east of Roy Rogers Rd. has many tradeoffs. The technical analysis of the intersection at the proposed River Terrace Boulevard and Scholls Ferry Rd. can only provide information about the tradeoffs associated with choosing to install or not to install a signal. We need your help in weighing the various tradeoffs and telling us whether you support or oppose a traffic signal in this location.

As you may remember, the City of Tigard is piloting a new online engagement tool, Consider.it, to help us identify various pro and con points related to specific decisions that need to be made for the River Terrace Community Plan.

Follow this link to see the question, read more about the tradeoffs, and see a diagram of the area. Next, you can list pro and con points related to the addition of a traffic signal in this location and/or choose from points that have already been made. After you have listed your points, you can indicate how you feel about installing a traffic signal by indicating your position on a bar that goes between support and oppose.

This information will help the City of Tigard and Washington County determine whether or not to include the traffic signal in the River Terrace Transportation Plan.

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