Two new neighborhoods and a High School are being planned on either side of Scholls Ferry Rd. near Roy Roger Rd. River Terrace (to the South, in Tigard) anticipates over 2,000 housing units and a small commercial area and South Cooper Mountain (to the north, in Beaverton) anticipates over 4,000 housing units and a small commercial area. The project team would like to provide safe and convenient pedestrian access between the two neighborhoods. Especially to facilitate travel to and from a proposed High School in South Cooper Mountain and an Elementary school to the east. At build out, Scholls Ferry road is planned to be 5 lanes, with additional turning lanes at intersections, making pedestrian and bike connections especially difficult.

At a meeting on May 6 staff from City of Tigard, City of Beaverton, Washington County, the Beaverton School District, and Metro met to discuss potential connections between the two neighborhoods and address overarching questions such as: how far apart should pedestrians crossing be, and what counts as a safe and convenient crossing? For instance, the pedestrian crossing at Roy Rogers Rd. and Scholls Ferry Rd. would require pedestrians to cross many lanes of traffic; will pedestrians be comfortable in this situation, or will it discourage people from walking?

This meeting, and the larger conversation, was prompted by a specific issue theScholls Crossing map for post city and Washington County are currently working on: whether to install a traffic signal at the intersection of the proposed River Terrace Boulevard and Scholls Ferry Rd.

River Terrace Boulevard, which is planned to include a regional trail, will run north-south through River Terrace, east of Roy Rogers Rd., and end at Scholls Ferry Rd. Technical analysis of this intersection does not lead to a clear recommendation about whether to install a traffic signal. On one hand, the signal could increase travel time on Scholls Ferry Rd for through traffic. On the other hand, the lack of a signal (and, therefore, the ability to turn left onto Schools Ferry Rd.) could direct more traffic to surrounding local roads. If there is no signal at this location pedestrians will have to cross 1,000 feet to the west (Roy Rogers Rd.) or east (Barrows Rd.). Both of these crossing would be very large, especially the Roy Rogers Rd. crossing.

At the meeting it was determined that if a pedestrian crossing at River Terrace Boulevard is pursued, there are three options for doing so:

  1. With a full traffic signal;
  2. With a pedestrian only signal that could be slightly offset from the intersection, to the west; or
  3. With a tunnel or bridge.

Since there are many factors, and the technical analysis does not lead to a clear answer, the project team wants to hear from you. Please weigh-in and tell us, do you support installing a traffic signal in this location?

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