As the adoption of the River Terrace Community Plan draws nearer, we have been hearing more and more from interested and concerned citizens and stakeholders. Two public comment periods have already closed (water and sewer) and two more are about to begin (parks and transportation). Our goal is to keep you informed about what people are saying, so we will post or summarize public comments as they come in.

During the month of May we received nine comments or inquiries. Many of them were general questions about zoning or development on specific properties. One comment was in opposition to a traffic signal at the intersection of Scholls Ferry Rd. and the proposed River Terrace Blvd.

Metropolitan Land Group submitted a comment about the River Terrace Blvd. design concept and the placement of one of the internal treatments in the River Terrace Transportation System Plan. Read the Comment >>

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue submitted a comment requesting a change in the wording of the intersection specifications. Read the Comment >>