The question of whether to install a new traffic signal on Scholls Ferry Rd. east of Roy Rogers Rd. has many trade-offs and is not clearly answered with technical analysis. Last week we posted an online survey asking folks “Do you support or oppose a traffic signal in this location?” Answers are coming in from people who both support and oppose a traffic signal in this location.

The chart below shows how people feel about the traffic signal, along a spectrum from strongly support to strongly oppose. People are spread along the spectrum with a group of seven people in the strongly support area. considerit signal

People who support the traffic light have cited reasons such as:

“YES! A full traffic signal at RT/Scholls provides pedestrian safety & fairness to existing neighborhoods”

“Directing large amounts of traffic through a specific route, rather than through an existing residential neighborhood [is important]”

“[There would be] Adverse effects to the neighborhoods surrounding Roshak Rd. without a signal”

“Livability…the Barrows Road/Scholls Ferry Road area has tons of pedestrian activity. Let’s expand upon our success! Signal please.”

Supporters note that a signal in this location could delay traffic on Scholls Ferry Rd., if  not timed correctly.

People who oppose the traffic light have cited reasons such as:

“Scholls Ferry Rd already has too many lights”

“This intersection would be better served by a right in right out”

“More lights slow down and back up traffic”

One of the respondents who opposed the traffic signal stated that he would instead support a pedestrian tunnel first and a bridge second, and asked if the combination of a roundabout and a pedestrian tunnel has been considered. Staff from Tigard, Beaverton, and Washington County recently discussed the pedestrian bridge/tunnel option, although not in combination with a roundabout. A drawback of this approach is much higher costs. The result of prioritizing such treatment in this location would likely be a longer term investment with a pedestrian signal in the interim.

Do you agree with what we’ve heard so far? It is not too late to participate! It only takes a minute to weigh-in.

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