As a precursor to the River Terrace adoption process, Tigard City Council received their first infrastructure briefing on May 20, 2014. This was the first in a series of three meetings during which Tigard City Council will discuss the infrastructure needs for each system, and a receive a brief review of funding options. Below is a description of the May 20 Water and Sewer Workshop.

City Council Briefing: Water & Sewer

On May 20, 2014 city staff and consultants presented the Water and Sewer topics to Tigard City Council. The purpose of this meeting was two-fold: (1) brief Council on the water and sewer master plan addenda for River Terrace, and (2) review the city’s water and sewer funds and discuss possible financing strategies for each infrastructure system. Clean Water Services (CWS) and a planning consultant for one of the River Terrace developers commented on the plans. Staff is in the process of addressing CWS comments which will result in minor edits to the Sewer Addendum.

Council approved the Water and Sewer Addenda, as presented, and so staff will return on June 10 to seek a resolution adopting the two addenda.


Brian Ginter from Murry, Smith & Associates (MSA) gave an overview of water infrastructure needs. Council members asked a number of specific questions about current water capacity, where the water will be pumped, and what residents would be served by a new reservoir. It was correctly noted that 70% of the new reservoir capacity would go to existing customers and that the reservoir has been under consideration for many years. There was also a question about how infrastructure would be phased to allow for improvements as development happens.


Brian Casey from MSA briefed Council on sewer infrastructure needs. Council members asked about the removal of pump stations and how that would affect the system and financing. They also asked about pump sizing and the plan for phasing pumps and pipes as development occurs. Staff responded that they plan to size pipes based on longer term population projections, but have pumps that are correctly sized in the interim – oversized pumps are wasteful and prone to malfunction. There were questions about how the costs would be split for shared sewer facilities.


Todd Chase, FCS Group, gave a financing overview. The city is primarily responsible for financing water infrastructure and Clean Water Services will make the majority of the investments for sewer. Todd did not see any major obstacles with water financing, noting that the structure that is already in place with rates, system development charges, and bonds is sufficient. He pointed to citywide budget challenges with sewer, already under discussion by City Council.

Next Steps

Staff will come back to Council on June 10, 2014, to seek a resolution to adopt  the Water and Sewer Master Plan Addenda, with the complete financing strategy to come later. Council members approved the work to-date and indicated that they are ready to adopt the addenda with no major changes.

Next up, Council will discuss Parks and Transportation on June 17, 2014.

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