Two Master Plan Addenda have been released for public comment – Parks and Transportation. These addenda accompany the City’s current master plans and set the stage for development in Tigard’s newest neighborhood, River Terrace.

Written comments will be accepted from June 2 – June 16. The comments will be shared with City Council at a briefing on June 17. Please address comments to Susan Shanks;; City of Tigard Permit Center; 13125 SW Hall Blvd.; Tigard, OR 97223, by June 16 at 5:00 p.m. PST.

River Terrace Park System Master Plan Addendum (click to view)

The Tigard 2009 Park System Master Plan (PSMP) contains level of service (LOS) standards for each park type, expressed in terms of acres of land per 1,000 Tigard residents. With all park types combined, the city’s LOS is 10 acres/1,000 residents. There are many challenges with meeting this standard across the city, one of which is the availability of suitable land. Relatively speaking, it will be easier to meet this standard in River Terrace, in part because the area is mostly undeveloped.

The River Terrace PSMP Addendum utilizes the city’s existing LOS standards. Table 3 in the addendum shows the trail and park needs for River Terrace based upon these standards. Community and neighborhood parks are shown on Pages 11 and 12, and trails are shown on Page 13. In lieu of identifying specific park locations, parks are conceptually located within service areas to show where community and neighborhood parks would be needed to meet standards and achieve the goal of having an equitable distribution of parks in the area. Of note is the future River Terrace Trail, which is proposed to be integrated with the main N-S Collector Street, also known as River Terrace Boulevard. This trail was planned, in part, to complement the Westside Trail, as it provides a less steep travel option around Bull Mountain.

River Terrace Transportation System Plan (click to view)

The Tigard 2010 Transportation System (TSP) serves as a long range guide for city transportation investments by incorporating the vision of the community into an equitable and efficient transportation system. It evaluates the current transportation system and outlines policies and projects that are important for protecting and enhancing the quality of life in Tigard through the next 20 years by balancing the needs of walking, bicycling, driving, transit, and freight. The 2010 TSP includes household and vehicle trip projections for the River Terrace area, which means that the city will not be required to do additional analysis to meet the State’s Transportation Planning Rule.

The River Terrace TSP Addendum identifies several multi-modal street and intersection improvements in and around the River Terrace area. Key elements of the proposal include connections to existing streets in the adjacent Bull Mountain community to the east; roundabouts at key intersections where practicable; signalized intersections where new or existing streets connect to Roy Rogers Rd and Scholls Ferry Rd to accommodate cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians; and a signature street dubbed the “River Terrace Boulevard” that incorporates the River Terrace Trail. A list of recommended transportation system improvements with cost estimates are provided in Tables 5 and 6 and shown on Figures 7 and 8.