Earlier this month, the River Terrace project team posted the following question on the city’s online engagement site:

The question of whether to install a new traffic signal on Scholls Ferry Rd. east of Roy Rogers Rd. has many trade-offs and is not clearly answered with technical analysis. Do you support or oppose a traffic signal in this location?

Overall, seventeen users expressed support for a signal in this location. The top three reasons cited were:

  • A traffic light will allow children to cross the street safely, while keeping some traffic from entering the existing neighborhood.
  • Tigard is working hard at becoming a more walkable community, and this is a key trail connection point.
  • Adverse effects to the neighborhoods surrounding Roshak Rd. without a signal.

Five users opposed a signal in this location. The top reasons were:

  • Scholls Ferry Rd already has too many lights.
  • Delay of traffic flow on Scholls Ferry, if the lights are not synced with each other.
  • Signals are not safer. Numerous studies have shown that signals do not diminish the number of traffic accidents.

This information was presented to Tigard City Council in a workshop meeting on June 17, 2014. City Council will be making a final recommendation on the Transportation Plan later this year.

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