River Terrace Transportation ProposalThe River Terrace Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) was appointed by Council to advise staff during the preparation of the various infrastructure plans for River Terrace, including the Transportation System Plan. The SWG met a total of five times between February and June of 2014 to review the plan and discuss numerous transportation issues and solutions, which led to their final recommendation on the plan on June 9.

The SWG unanimously voted to recommend the final draft plan for adoption but also expressed strong concerns about project costs and a viable means to fund needed projects. The proposal contains over $90 million in needed improvements within River Terrace. The project team is currently working on a draft financing strategy, which the SWG will review in October.

During the course of their final discussion, committee members also suggested a number of plan refinements, which are as follows:

  • No interim pedestrian/bike crossing signal at Scholls Ferry Rd. Full signal recommended with provisions for future pedestrian/bike bridge if full signal deemed infeasible or impractical.
  • Additional language to emphasize bike safety on Roy Rogers Rd.
  • Additional language to affirm need for flexibility with respect to housing types along River Terrace Blvd to support the vision of having homes front the street.
  • Additional language on maps regarding the need for street alignments and intersections to avoid and/or minimize impacts to natural resource areas wherever possible.

These amendments will be incorporated into the plan.

More opportunities for public involvement will be announced this fall as the Plan is prepared for the adoption process.