Now that we have a pretty good handle on where and how the City of Tigard will need to extend infrastructure systems to serve River Terrace development, we are pushing ahead to update the financing mechanisms that will fund the first RT projects.  Doing so will require amending our various SDC’s (System Development Charges, which are paid by development for adding additional capacity to the water, sewer, parks and transportation systems), and possibly other rates and charges as well.  The River Terrace Finance Strategy isn’t complete yet, but we’re beginning to put work plans and teams together now because it will take several months to implement whatever the RT Finance Strategy calls for.  SDC updates are planning projects in their own right.   They require months of work time, resources, council action and stakeholder buy-in.  We expect to have our consultant teams in place by next month, and are aiming to bring the first new funding proposal to City Council in December.  The final funding decisions will be ready for Council consideration next June.