In voicing support for the River Terrace Stormwater Plan last night, the Tigard City Council kept the River Terrace Community Plan project on schedule and helped clear a major milestone.  The RT Project Team provided an hour-long briefing to the council on how the City will manage stormwater runoff as development occurs on the west side of Bull Mountain – a challenging endeavor because of River Terrace’s loose soils, steep grades, small drainage areas, and high bedrock.  The Plan, which features a combination of Low Impact Development Approaches, Consolidated Detention/Water Quality Facilities, a newly developing “flow based” model for sizing facilities, and flexible approaches to support development and topsoil/streambank protection, met with wide support from the Mayor and three Councilors.  (Councilwoman Beuhner has recused herself from all River Terrace discussions and votes).  The council queried the team on how interim facilities might be used in the long-term, how grey water (reused stormwater) might be incorporated into development projects, and how Tigard and Beaverton are coordinating stormwater management.   The Council will take a formal vote on the Plan (the City’s first ever Stormwater Master Plan) next month, paving the way for a series of workshops in September to focus on the River Terrace Finance Strategy.  Last night’s meeting indicates that the Tigard Council is supportive of all the Master Plan updates that will comprise the River Terrace Community Plan – Water, Sewer, Transportation, Parks and Stormwater.