The Public Comment Period for the Draft River Terrace Stormwater Master Plan closed on July 21. Three comments were received and the project team presented these comments at a Tigard City Council Stormwater Briefing on July 22nd.

Project Manager, Susan Shanks, summarized the comments for Council and stated that the project team plans to amend the draft plan in light of one of the comments made by the Tualatin Riverkeepers. The amendment would clarify that the plan would not preclude the re-use of stormwater as a stormwater management strategy. The project team’s response to the remaining comments are as follows:

  • The Plan attempts to balance the full spectrum of perspectives, challenges, and concerns that are represented by these comments. For example, new stormwater model and standards are proposed to provide better stream protection and  implementation strategies are proposed to give development some flexibility in developing and designing regional facilities.
  • The Plan recognizes the need for additional implementation tools and strategies, and the project team continues to work on developing these with its partners and stakeholders.
  • Some things are outside the scope of this master planning process, such as a more detailed alternatives analysis for high-flow conveyance of water down the hill in the south. The plan identifies these items as requiring further study.
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