This article was printed in the City of Tigard Cityscape Newsletter, September 2014 Edition. It is the first in a series about how funding of infrastructure and services works in Tigard.

Ever wonder about city resources—where the funds come from, and how theyCity Budget are spent? Tigard has about $55M to provide the services our residents desire.

Services Include:

  • Streets, water system, parks and grounds, sanitary sewer, storm water, fleet maintenance, and city facilities
  • Police and Library services
  • Building permits and inspections, land use planning
  • Central City Management, Finance, and Information Technology
  • City grants to social service agencies and community events.

The principal sources of revenue are utility fees and charges, property taxes, other bond proceeds and building and development fees and charges.

See How the Funding Stacks Up
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Next Up: Investing in River Terrace

Tigard will be extending infrastructure and services to the city’s newest neighborhoods in River Terrace. Stay tuned for details and more information.

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