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Tigard City Council wants to hear from you about the recommended funding strategy for River Terrace. Balancing issues like equity, sustainability, and reliability the project team has put together recommended scenarios for each infrastructure system in River Terrace.

For each system, a chart explaining who pays and what portion of the total cost is included.

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  • Do you support or oppose Council adopting the recommended funding scenarios for Stormwater, Sewer, Parks, and Water?
  • What are the pro and con points related to each scenario?

Draft Funding Strategy

Key components of the Funding Strategy include:

  • A funding recommendation for each infrastructure system (Sewer, Transportation, Water, Stormwater, and Parks)
  • At least one, and sometimes several, viable funding packages for each system
  • Funding packages are scored based on criteria to demonstrate, for example, how equitable or financially sustainable a particular funding package is relative to another funding package
  • Near-term (0 to 6 years) and long-term (7+ years) project lists

Read the draft River Terrace Funding Strategy report>>


Visit to read the questions, view more information, and see breakdowns of the proposed funding mechanisms. Next, you can list pro and con points related to the funding scenarios, and/or choose from points that have already been made. You can also indicate how you feel about adoption of the recommended funding scenarios by indicating your position on a bar that goes between support and oppose. This information will provide direction to Council and staff regarding the River Terrace Funding Strategy.

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