One of the key questions to be answered about River Terrace development is how needed transportation investments will be made over the next 20 years.

In response to early City Council discussions about infrastructure funding in River Terrace, the project team has developed a Transportation Addendum to the River Terrace Funding Strategy. This report revises the transportation section of the Funding Strategy to account for Council’s desire to consider other funding sources besides urban renewal and local improvement districts.

The Addendum includes an additional scenario (Scenario E), bringing the total to five scenarios that were evaluated by project consultants.  Scenario E received the highest average rating, and incorporates the following new funding mechanisms:

  • Citywide Transportation System Development Charge (TSDC) on new development,
  • River Terrace TSDC on new development in River Terrace subdistrict, and
  • Street utility fee surcharge in River Terrace subdistrict.

There are several opportunities to learn more or comment on the revisions:

Please contact us or comment below with any questions or feedback.