Tigard City Council wants to hear from you about the recommended transportation funding scenario for River Terrace.

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The updated scenario reflects input received from Council and includes the following new fees:

  • Citywide Transportation System Development Charge (SDC) on new development 1
  • River Terrace Transportation SDC on new development in River Terrace subdistrict
  • Street utility fee surcharge in River Terrace subdistrict

This scenario received high marks for equity, facilitating development, reliability of funds, ease of implementation, and ability to address near-term and long-term costs. A chart explaining who pays and what portion of the total cost is included.

Do you support or oppose Council adopting the recommended funding scenario for Transportation?

  • What are the pro and con points related to the recommended Transportation funding scenario?

For more information, view the River Terrace Transportation Funding Strategy Addendum>>

*The deadline for comment has been extended to October 29, 2014*


Visit https://tigard.consider.it/ to read the questions, view more information, and see breakdowns of the proposed funding mechanisms. Next, you can list pro and con points related to the funding scenarios, and/or choose from points that have already been made. You can also indicate how you feel about adoption of the recommended funding scenarios by indicating your position on a bar that goes between support and oppose. This information will provide direction to Council and staff regarding the River Terrace Funding Strategy.

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1 The city is considering a new citywide transportation System Development Charge (TSDC) to meet citywide needs for transportation improvements. This scenario assumes that a new citywide TSDC is created with 75% of funds collected in River Terrace to remain in River Terrace and that any funds collected outside of River Terrace would be used for citywide projects outside of River Terrace.