By far the most popular question since this project began; the project team now has an updated adoption and implementation timeline.

To date, the city’s communications have focused on completion of the River Terrace Community Plan. As potential adoption of the Community Plan draws near (with hearings scheduled in November and December), project team members are ready to begin sharing what the next steps are for development, after the Plan is adopted.

View an updated River Terrace Adoption and Implementation Timeline >>

To understand the timeline, it’s important to remember that there are three interrelated strands of work required to allow development to begin in River Terrace:

  • Planning: Community Plan adoption, Infrastructure Financing Project (citywide and in River Terrace), and Community Plan Implementation (standards, zoning, and code amendments)
  • Permitting: early assistance, land use application, building and site permits
  • Public Facilities: The River Terrace North sewer pump station, and potential water improvements

The Adoption and Implementation Timeline demonstrates that the earliest possible date an applicant could get a building permit would be the Spring of 2016. At the last public meeting, however, Community Development Director Kenny Asher underscored the optimistic nature of this schedule by comparing the likelihood of meeting each individual deadline listed on the timeline to that of his favorite football team, the Cleveland Browns, winning this year’s Super Bowl. “It could happen” he said.  “It would take like ten low probability events all coming true, and that would be amazing, but yes, it could happen like this.”

The potential for delay is listed in a disclaimer on the right side of the timeline, and includes examples like:

  • The need for more time at public hearings
  • Applicant readiness for the land use process
  • Local political elections
  • City resources
  • Weather

For more information, please view an updated documents memo which details the items that will need to be in place before River Terrace development can occur.