A community meeting was held on October 15 to gather input on the River Terrace Funding Strategy. This was the second in a series of three meetings designed to solicit feedback on the Funding Strategy from the Stakeholder Working Group (SWG), Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and community members.

Meeting Recap:

Most of the discussion centered on the updated Transportation Funding Scenario. Key points are as follows:

  • This scenario proposes a new City of Tigard base transportation system development charge (TSDC) that would apply to all new development in the city, including River Terrace. The scenario also includes a special River Terrace overlay charge that would apply only to River Terrace development. Many attendees expressed concern that this approach has the potential to be politically difficult to adopt and challenging to administer. Most groups reported confusion about the 75%/25% split proposed for the base TSDC funds collected in River Terrace*
  • This scenario does not account for the Transportation Development Tax (TDT) credits that developers would earn if they dedicated right-of-way or built improvements along County facilities, such as along Roy Rogers Road.
  • This scenario potentially pushes some projects outside the 20-year planning horizon that may be needed within the first 20 years.
  • Developers appreciated the addition of the street utility fee, but were unhappy that Collector Streets were not 100% TDT/TSDC credit eligible
  • Despite refinements to the project list, there was general concern about the total project costs and specific concerns about River Terrace Boulevard project costs

* Toby LaFrance, Tigard Finance Director, clarified that this scenario assumes that 75% of the base TSDC collected in River Terrace would be used on projects in River Terrace, with 25% reserved for use on projects outside River Terrace. For projects outside River Terrace, the assumption is that 100% of the funds collected would be used on projects throughout the city.

The project team presented these points to City Council in a River Terrace Funding Strategy Briefing on October 21.

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