The River Terrace Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) met three times with the public during October to discuss, deliberate, and provide feedback on the Draft River Terrace Funding Strategy. The purpose of the meeting on October 29 was a final recommendation to Tigard City Council on the Funding Strategy.

Overall, the results of the meeting are:

  • SWG members unanimously support the preferred funding scenarios for water and sewer.
  • SWG members unanimously recommend Council consider with caution the scenarios for parks, stormwater and transportation.

During the course of their final discussion on the Funding Strategy, SWG members raised issues like:

  • The total cost of proposed system development charges (SDCs) for all infrastructure funding scenarios is high, especially for transportation.
  • Washington County should play a larger role in funding Roy Rogers Road, as it is a regional arterial that serves as a major transportation corridor in the County, even without the addition of River Terrace.
  • The proposed transportation funding scenario includes the right mix of funding sources.
  • The uncertainty of not knowing if or how much various SDCs will go up makes it very difficult to plan for development.
  • It is unclear whether there will be enough funds available at the right time to reimburse developers for regional stormwater facility projects.

View the full details in the October 29 meeting summary.

Next up, Tigard City Council will consider the Draft River Terrace Funding Strategy at a meeting on December 16, 2014. In addition to the results of the October 29 meeting, city staff will share with Council a list of pros and cons gathered throughout the month of October from discussions with the SWG, the Technical Advisory Committee, community members, and online through

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