City Engineer Lori Faha adopted new Stormwater Management Standards on July 1, 2015 for River Terrace. The new standards use the latest information on soils, storm events, and runoff to create facilities that are designed to prevent the kind of erosion and property damage that has happened elsewhere on Bull Mountain.

Because the new standards require facilities to be much larger than they have been in the past, the city is working closely with developers to ensure that they are nicely landscaped, aesthetically integrated into the community, and designed with at least one community amenity. Examples of community amenities include nature play areas, viewing platforms, educational displays, outdoor seating, and amphibian habitat. Faha believes that facilities designed to meet the new standards “will showcase the multiple benefits of requiring stormwater facilities to serve more than one purpose.”

The new standards include two appendices. Appendix B entitled Design Concept Illustrations uses photos of existing stormwater facilities from around the region to visually explain the design intent behind the city’s new standards.