We live off Bull Mountain road. Are they planning a traffic signal at Roy Rogers and Bull Mtn Rd? We sure hope everyone is thinking long term about APPROPRIATE road infrastructure. I would assume Roy Rogers will be expanded to 2 lanes each way?? We also hope they will provide for through traffic flow in all areas especially around the proposed high school and along 175th.


Transportation MapYes, a traffic signal is planned at Roy Rogers Rd and Bull Mtn Rd. It will go in prior to the construction of the two subdivisions that are proposed on either side of Bull Mtn Rd along Roy Rogers Rd. You can check out exactly what has been approved/required along Bull Mtn Rd by going to the River Terrace Land Use Applications page (http://riverterracetigard.com/land-use-applications/) and clicking on Polygon at South River Terrace and Polygon at Roshak Ridge. In general, new development is not responsible for fixing all existing problems, but they are required to conduct their own traffic impact studies and fix any identified safety hazards. An example of this is the development called Polygon at Bull Mountain, which fronts 150th Avenue. This development will shave off a large hump in the existing roadbed that will improve sight distance for cars traveling in both directions.

If you’d like to learn more about the kind of transportation improvements to expect in River Terrace, check out the Transportation System Plan and/or the Community Plan (there is a short chapter on transportation). Both can be found here: http://riverterracetigard.com/planning-documents/.

As for Roy Rogers Rd, development is expected to pay millions of dollars to improve this road through fees collected by the city at the time of development. The remaining funds that are needed to widen this road to its full planned width (5 lanes) will be provided by Washington County since Roy Rogers is a county road that serves regional travel needs. The details of how and when the County will fund these improvements are still being worked out, but they do have a basic plan in place. You can learn more about how the county plans to fund road improvements in high growth areas here: http://www.co.washington.or.us/LUT/TransportationFunding/costsharingtransportationprogram.cfm

As for the future high school on Scholls Ferry Rd and 175th Ave, the City of Beaverton has land use authority over the high school and both roads are county roads. Tigard has expressed its desire for safe crossings of these roads for future students, but the final decision on how these roads look and function lies with Beaverton and Washington County.