Since our last update in July, developers continue to actively seek and obtain land use approvals and development permits to build in River Terrace. To date, over 1000 housing units have received land use approval.


The Planning Commission approved another subdivision application on August 24, bringing the total of approved subdivisions up to six.

  • River Terrace East (211 units) – approved August 24
  • River Terrace Northwest (215 units) – approved July 20
  • Polygon at Bull Mountain (82 units) – approved June 2
  • Polygon at South River Terrace (137 units) – approved May 18
  • Polygon at Roshak Ridge (244 units) – approved May 7
  • Polygon at West River Terrace (137 units) – approved May 7

Check the Land Use Applications webpage for details.


  • Four demolition permits have been approved, but two of them need additional documentation from the applicant before they can be issued.
  • A grading permit has been approved for Polygon at Bull Mountain.


  • A conditional use application to construct a sewer pump station in the northwest corner of River Terrace is currently under review. Once the application is deemed complete, it will be added to the Land Use Applications webpage and a public hearing date will be set.
  • Grading permits are under review for River Terrace Northwest and Polygon at West River Terrace.
  • Public Facility Improvement permits are under review for River Terrace Northwest and Polygon at Bull Mountain.


Two subdivision applications are anticipated in the southern part of River Terrace in the near future. One is located south of Bull Mountain Rd on Roy Rogers Rd, and the other is located south of 161st Ave.


The next step for developers with land use approvals is to obtain any needed Demolition and Grading permits to clear and grade their sites. Developers must then obtain Public Facility Improvement permits to build all necessary infrastructure, such as roads and water lines, to serve their developments. Only after this infrastructure is built, which takes many months, can developers obtain building permits to construct homes.