Polygon Northwest continues to do site work and install infrastructure on three of its sites. This work will continue through the winter, as they gear up to do home construction.


In the past month, the city’s Hearings Officer approved a Conditional Use application to construct a sewer pump station in the northwest corner of River Terrace. Since May, the city has approved six subdivision applications for a total of over 1000 new housing units. Check the Land Use Applications webpage for more details.


  • Nine model home building permits were issued.
  • A Public Facility Improvement permit was issued for River Terrace Northwest.


  • A Planned Development subdivision application along Roy Rogers Rd and south of Bull Mountain Rd has been submitted and is under review. Once it has been deemed complete, it will be added to the Land Use Applications webpage.
  • A Public Facility Improvement permit is under review for River Terrace West.
  • Two procedural applications are under review that would allow Polygon Northwest to construct homes prior to the city’s adoption of new utility fees in River Terrace to be paid for by future residents of River Terrace.


  • A subdivision application for an area just south of 161st Ave is expected in the near future.
  • An application to build 120 – 150 multifamily residential units along Roy Rogers Rd just south of Scholls Ferry Rd is expected in the near future.