Join Tigard City Engineer Lori Faha at the CPO 4K meeting to discuss stormwater management for River Terrace.

The River Terrace Stormwater Master Plan (SMP) was adopted by Tigard City Council

on September 23, 2014 via Resolution 1 4-42. Staff is working on updates to this plan with a consultant team from OTAK. The River Terrace SMP divides River Terrace into three strategy areas based on existing conditions and anticipated development in each area.

Stormwater Strategy Areas

Stormwater Strategy Areas


  • A River Terrace Master Plan Updates Memorandum describes updated figures and facility size information for Strategy Areas A & B.
  • The recommendations for Area C are more complex and expensive. The city has been evaluating the feasibility, costs and benefits of options including installation of a bypass pipe and stream corridor enhancements to manage water flow from new developments and to minimize further damage to downstream properties. Ms. Faha will present information on the city’s recommended plan.

Important topics will include:

  • Evaluation of costs and benefits of constructing a stormwater high flow management system for south River Terrace. The estimated costs are quite high for this type of project and the City is looking at alternate approaches to allowing some development to move forward in this area that won’t increase impacts to the local streams.
  • City staff is also interested in determining how likely future expansion of the UGB to the south could or should be integrated into the stormwater management approach in this area.

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