Polygon Northwest continues to do site work and install infrastructure on three of its seven sites. Model home construction is underway on two of these sites, but final plat approval is required before more home construction can occur. A final plat is the legal map of a subdivision that shows the boundaries of lots, streets, parks, etc. Tigard reviews and approves all final subdivision plats within the city. After the city approves a final plat, it goes to Washington County to be recorded.


  • Seven preliminary subdivisions plats have been approved by the city. These subdivisions contain over 1300 new housing units and five new neighborhood parks. Check out the city’s Land Use Applications webpage for more details.
  • The final subdivision plat for Polygon at Bull Mountain has been approved by the city.


  • Roy Rogers Road – Pursuant to an agreement with the county, the county will widen and improve this road, and both the county (67%) and the city (33%) will share in the cost of these improvements. This project is currently in the preliminary design phase. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2018 and be completed by the end of 2019. Check out the county’s Roy Rogers Road Project webpage for more details.
  • 150th Avenue – Polygon Northwest will completely re-build this road between Woodhue Street and Cabernet Drive and make additional improvements at the 150th Ave/Bull Mountain Rd intersection. For more information, contact Mike White at 503-718-2464.


  • Polygon Northwest has submitted over 100 building permits for individual homes. Roughly 80 more are expected this week. The city will review and issue these permits once needed infrastructure is substantially complete and final plats have been approved for each of Polygon’s three active sites.
  • Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVFR) has requested a preliminary meeting with the city on March 8 to discuss a potential site for a new fire station in River Terrace.
  • West Hills Development plans to submit their land use application on March 23 for their proposal to build 120 – 150 multifamily residential units. The proposed location for this development is along the east side of  Roy Rogers Rd, south of Scholls Ferry Rd, and in the subdivision known as River Terrace East.