King City is gearing up to prepare a Concept Plan for their urban reserve area. This area, while designated for future urban development, has not yet been brought into the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). It is located directly west of the current King City boundary, south of Beef Bend Road, north of the Tualatin River, and east of Roy Rogers Road. King City hopes that their concept planning efforts will result in the inclusion of this area in a future UGB expansion. King City recently released a Request for Proposals for the development of a Concept Plan, and they hope to have a consultant team under contract later this summer.

Since Tigard is both a neighbor to this area (River Terrace lies to the north) and the water service provider, staff will coordinate with King City throughout their concept planning process on issues such as stormwater, transportation, and water. Tigard will also continue to lobby for inclusion of the Tigard urban reserve area (south of River Terrace and north of the King City urban reserve area) in the next UGB expansion so as to facilitate the orderly and efficient development of the southern part of River Terrace. King City’s concept planning efforts may help further the city’s goals in this regard.